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Solid Waste Division

Residential Trash Collection
Bulk Trash Collection
Municipal Landfill
Neighborhood Clean-up and Adopt-A-Street Programs
Tips: Household Hazardous Waste
Tips: Composting


          The Solid Waste Management Division provides the following residential collection services:
             ·         Once per week garbage collection
             ·         Once per week small yard waste collection
             ·         Once per week used motor oil and oil filter collection
             ·         Once per week heavy trash collection

          Regular Collection Schedule
          Regular collection is route based. To get your pick-up schedule, call 409-842-1483

Holiday Collection Schedule
No Services will be provided on the following holidays:
·         New Year's Day
·         Fourth of July
·         Thanksgiving Day
·         Christmas Day
All other holidays are regular work days for collections and the landfill.
When any of the above listed holidays fall on a collection day, the collection schedule will shift to the following day. This will result in the last collection day being on the Friday of that holiday week. For instance, there will be no collection Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), therefore, the regular Thursday collection day will be moved to Friday.

           Tips for the best collection service
          ·   Garbage containers must be placed curb side by 7 a.m. on collection day and removed from the curb by 8
              p.m. on the same day. Residents should not leave garbage containers at the curb overnight following
              collection day.
          ·   All garbage other than heavy trash items (old furniture, household furnishings, yard waste, etc.) must be
             placed inside your 90-gallon container for pick-up. Waste that is outside the container will not be collected,
             and could result in a ticket and fine.
          ·   Items which could be reused should be donated to charity or other organizations whenever possible.
          ·   We suggest that you don't place odor-producing garbage such as seafood waste, meats and old foods, in
             your 90-gallon container until collection day. If possible, refrigerate or freeze these items, then place in
             container on collection day.

          Additional Containers
          If one garbage container is not sufficient for your needs, additional containers are available. 

          One additional 90-gallon garbage container $3.75/month
          Two additional 90-gallon garbage containers $7.50/month
          Three additional 90-gallon garbage container $11.25/month
          Four additional 90-gallon garbage container $15.00/month

         To apply for additional containers, print and fill out the attached form, and either fax or bring it to the Solid
         Waste Administration office.

          Application for Additional Container

         Solid Waste Administration
         4955 Lafin Road
         PH/ 409-842-1483

         Additional containers will be delivered within two working days after receipt of application.


         Curbside Recycling
The City of Beaumont has contracted with Waste Management Golden Triangle to provide single-stream
         curbside recycling by subscription.

          Waste Management will accept the following:
·         Newspaper
·         office paper
·         cardboard
·         tin and aluminum
·         plastics (#1 through #7)
                 glass (beginning September 2, 2015)

           Items are collected curbside every Tuesday. Cost is $10 for one bin, and $10 per month, billed directly
           by Waste Management. To start subscription service, call 409-842-0065.

           Drop-off Recycling
           Gulf Coast Recycling provides drop-off recycling services at 1995 Cedar Street, at the corner of Fourth and
           Cedar streets. The site is open 24/7 for drop-off recycling. They accept the following materials:
·         All grades of paper
·         #1 & #2 plastic containers
·         Aluminum cans

           Yard Waste Recycling
The City recycles yard waste through our composting program. Approximately 25% of all materials collected
           at the curb by city trucks is yard waste, which is composted and returned to citizens at no cost. In order for
           us to compost this material, it must be put curbside separate from your other waste, and not put into your
           90-gallon trash container. If yard waste is not separated, it cannot be composted.

           For the best service, please see the following tips:
·         Small yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, small twigs and branches) is collected curbside on your
                 garbage collection day.

·         Small yard waste must be placed in plastic bags, or in a separate container. Separate container(s) must
                 be no larger than 32 gallons or heavier than 50 pounds and placed curbside at least 3 feet from your
                 garbage can on collection day.

·         All containers, except plastic/paper bags will be emptied and left curbside for re-use.
·         Yard waste is prohibited from being placed in the 90-gallon container. It is very important to separate all
                 yard waste from your garbage and other trash.

           Used Motor Oil Recycling
           Used motor oil and filters generated from "do-it-yourself" oil changes are collected from curbside each
           garbage collection day.  A maximum of five gallons will be collected per visit.

           Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your used motor oil is collected and recycled:
              ·         Drain used motor oil into plastic clear or opaque white containers with screw on caps.
        Never mix oil with other fluids. Any substance other than used motor oil will contaminate the oil.
 ·         Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly and lid is taped shut to prevent spillage.
 ·         Place gallon jugs at the curb on your collection day (place jugs approximately three feet from the garbage
                 can and/or small yard waste)
 ·         Empty used jugs will be left on the curb to be used for future oil changes.
 ·         IN ADDITION, used oil filters will also be collected curbside. Place oil filter in a plastic bag next to the oil
                 for curbside collection.

          Computer Recycling
Goodwill Industries, in partnership with Dell, accepts computers and computer equipment in any condition for
          recycling. Computers can be dropped off at any Goodwill location. For more information, call 409-838-9911.

          Texas TCEQ Recycing Computer Information Link


          Heavy trash is collected weekly on your regular pickup day.  The service is limited to single-family
          residential customers.
Heavy trash from any other entity must be transported to the landfill.
Heavy trash includes:
·         Large yard waste (Limbs & branches up to 8-feet long, or cut to 8-foot lengths)
·         Tree trunks larger than 12" in diameter must be cut to a maximum two foot length
·         Furniture and mattresses
·         Appliances and miscellaneous heavy debris
·         A maximum of four tires per year

          Heavy trash is NOT collected by city crews from the following:
·         Businesses
·         Churches
·         Apartment buildings
·         Construction sites
·         Vacant lots

          Please note that two days are allowed for each area. All material must be stacked neatly in separate piles and
          not under low overhead utility lines or trees.


        Citizens who live on a corner lot should stack bulk trash as far as possible away from the roadway intersection,
        while still stacking the trash on their property. These Citizens should make certain that all drivers who travel
        through the intersection in any direction have a clear unobstructed view.


         Citizens with proof of Beaumont residency (utility bill, driver's license, etc.) will not be charged for landfill
         disposal if they haul the debris themselves from their single family residences. Contractors such as roofers,
         lawn services, tree trimmers, etc., will be charged for disposal. There is also a charge for disposal of trash
         from businesses regardless of who the hauler is.

The Beaumont Municipal Landfill is located at 5895 Lafin Road off Fannett Road, and is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. The landfill is available for residential use only. The landfill is closed on New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Compost product is distributed to citizens between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Beaumont residents may use the landfill for disposal of trash hauled by them from their single family residence at no charge with proof of residency such as driver's license, utility bill, etc., (showing a Beaumont address).


              The City of Beaumont offers a number of free services to help citizens keep their neighborhoods clean and free of
              trash and litter, including loaner trash bins and loaner garbage trucks, and neighborhood cleanup days.

Individuals and organizations also can participate in our Adopt-A-Street program. The program requires a two-year
              commitment to keep a specific stretch of roadway litter-free. Participants are recognized with a street sign, and can
              have a group photo under the sign.  The photo will appear on the city's home page.

               FORM:  Adopt-A-Street
              GUIDELINES:  Adopt-A-Street


          The South East Texas Regional Planning Commission [http://www.setrpc.org/] holds regular collection events
          for household hazardous waste in our area. Because they are toxic and pose health and environmental
          if disposed of improperly, the following items should not be disposed of with your regular garbage:

·         Batteries
·         paint and varnish
·         solvents
·         pesticides and fertilizers
·         auto fluids
·         used oil and filters
·         pool chemicals
·         mercury

         This is only a partial list. If you have any questions about potentially toxic materials, or you would like the date
         of the next collection event, contact SETRPC at 409-899-8444, Ext. 7520, or visit setrpc.org.


        Each year, millions of tons of leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, weeds, organic debris and other yard wastes
        end up in Texas landfills. This volume represents about 20 percent of all trash placed in landfills. It costs
        Texans more than $250 million a year to collect and dispose of yard wastes.

Putting these materials to use instead of throwing them away can save money and preserve and protect the
        environment for all Texans. Click here for information and tips on composting from the Texas Commission on
        Environmental Quality.

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