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Homeland Security Live Alert

Contact Info
Tim Ocnaschek, EMC

(409)980-7280 (Office)
(409)980-7240 (Fax)

700 Orleans, 2nd floor
Beaumont, TX 77701


                            City of Beaumont Emergency Management

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You can also call 311 or 980-8311 to register your cell phone more quickly. This system, combined with our other emergency alert methods, is designed to get emergency messages to you the public, quickly and effectively. This does not preclude you from calling 911 if you need emergency information; it simply provides an opportunity for us to disseminate critical information to you if and when the need arises. The reason for this form is to gather as many means of contact as you may have, so that in the event of an emergency that affects Beaumont, we can notify you in multiple ways. This information will remain in the custody of the Beaumont Office of Emergency Management at all times, and will only be used for critical information and Emergency Notification purposes. Feel free to list any additional land line phone numbers, however we are most interested in gathering cell phone numbers and email addresses.

FAQ's - What is the Emergency Notification System service?

Sign up for the State of Texas Evacuation Registry (STEAR) here.

Group tours of the 911 Operations Center and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) are available by appointment. An appointment can be made by calling 980-7227.



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