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City Clerk    

The City Clerk’s office is custodian of the City’s official records, including ordinances, resolutions, deeds, contracts, leases, easements, annexation proceedings, petitions and minutes of City Council and other official bodies; processes all notices for publication; receives competitive bids and records minutes of the official bid opening sessions. The City Clerk conducts elections held every other year to elect the Mayor and City Council members.

City Ordinances

Open Records Request

How do I submit an Open Records Request?

• All Open Records request MUST be in writing.
• A written request should:
reasonably identify the records needed/requested;      
include mailing address, phone number, or other means to       contact you regarding your request.

• There is NOT a specific form required for submitting requests, but one is provided below for your convenience if you would like to use it.

Request may be submitted by any of the means indicated below:

Click on the link and describe in the email the information you want
from the City and your request will be processed when the Public Information Officer receives your email.

Write or Type:
Write or type your request using the printable form provided below or use any sheet of paper and send your request via FAX, US Postal System, or bring your request to our office in person.

Printable Online Form PDF):
Municipal Court Open Records Request Online Form

Fax to:

FAX #: 409-880-3740
Beaumont City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
Attn: Public Information Officer

Mail to:
Beaumont City Hall
801 Main St. #125
Beaumont, Texas 77701
Attn: Public Information Officer

In Person:
Come to the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall and submit your request to the Public Information Officer.

Beaumont City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
801 Main St. #125
Beaumont, Texas 77701

These records are not maintained by the City of Beaumont:

• Divorce Decrees
Contact: Jefferson District Clerk’s Office 409-835-8580

• Probate, Criminal Background, Marriage, Assumed Name Information
Contact: Jefferson County Clerk Online Records Search at 409-835-8475

• Property Taxes
Contact: Jefferson County Tax Assessors 409-835-8516

• Real and business personal property ownership and appraisal information Contact: Jefferson County Appraisal District at 409-840-9944

PLEASE NOTE: For any Open Records Request, please provide the following information:

Employee name and/or job title (for example: Joe Smith or the Director of the department that record pertains to).

Email address if known (for example: search Joe Smith’s email for all messages to or from whatever key words that would better help the City conduct the search).

Phrase or keywords that they would like searched for in the email. (for example: search for “loose dogs” in the following employee’s email).

Date range of email searches if applicable. Please be advised, there could be a charge for requested information. To find the guidelines on the Charges for providing Copies (PDF), go to the Public Information page.

For questions regarding this process, contact the Public Information Office at 409-880-3745. Please note that all Open Records must be in writing.

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             P.O. Box 3827
             Beaumont TX 77701

             Phone: 409.880.3745
             Fax: 409.880.3740

            Tina Broussard,
            City Clerk

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